I don’t understand. It has been 2 years. You weren’t even that amazing. You made my heart ache, my chest physically felt pain when I thought about you. When I think about you. You never even saw me. Like really tried to see me. If someone asked you to describe me. What would you even say? Why wasn’t I good enough? I loved you. I have no idea why I loved you. I know you didn’t earn it. Maybe I still love you. I think about you every single day. Why won’t that go away? Do I ever have a place in your thoughts? I remember. I could never walk past that window without looking out it. Were you sitting there, smoking that cigarette? Looking out into the distance.

What would you even think about, sitting out there in the dark as a girl who unexplainably loved you watched?




W approached me with a tight smile. His eyes not quite as dark as his hair. He had a tiny freckle below his right eye. Something shifted inside me in that moment, I had no idea why. This stranger felt so unbelievably familiar. The cigarette scent that was lingering on his clothes.